Donators & Receivers Have you ever received a project or have you donated it to someone? Describe your story to inspire new ones OBM TINA <strong>TINA</strong> is a 3D printed mechanical hand moved by a system of rods thanks to the wrist movements.<br> It is developed to mix mechanical functionality with a beautiful design, accessible to everyone in need, everywhere. Designed by the Polish jewelry designer Justyna Stasiewicz, it is a perfect example of the international collaborations of the OBM community and of the flexibility of its volunteers. GitHub All questions and tricks about GitHub and OBM repository: <a href=""></a> OBM HOLDME <strong>HOLDme</strong> is a 3d printed disability solution which allows to hold tools like a pen, a spoon, a fork etc… OBM PINARD A “<strong>Pinard</strong>” is a tool used to listen the heart rate of a fetus during pregnancy. OBM FABLE <strong>FABLE</strong> is an electromechanical hand.<br> Through the acquisition of signals generated by the muscles myoelectric contraction next to the elbow, it determines precise finger movements.<br> Electronics is the hub of the system and it is compact, lowcost, completely reengineered to provide a project everywhere reproducible and technologically advanced.<br> <strong>This hand is not a prosthesis, it is intended as a development kit.</strong><br> This work is licensed under the <strong>Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0</strong> International License.<br> To view a copy of this license, visit <a href=""></a> OBM BOB <strong>What it is BOB</strong> Requests & Ideas Do you need a project? Ora maybe do you have an idea to suggest? Tell us here, we are ready to make it real! General
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Hi guys! In this thread you can upload all the photos of your 3D printed projects (developed by OBM Initiative or other groups). If the project is in the OBM Community Forum you can link the relative thread to allow ot…

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FABLE (New Version) is an electromechanical hand. This version was made by Renato Marchetti for his university thesis and is the result of the collaboration with the Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitel…

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