Donators & Receivers Have you ever received a project or have you donated it to someone? Describe your story to inspire new ones OBM TINA <strong>TINA</strong> is a 3D printed mechanical hand moved by a system of rods thanks to the wrist movements.<br> It is developed to mix mechanical functionality with a beautiful design, accessible to everyone in need, everywhere. Designed by the Polish jewelry designer Justyna Stasiewicz, it is a perfect example of the international collaborations of the OBM community and of the flexibility of its volunteers. GitHub All questions and tricks about GitHub and OBM repository: <a href=""></a> OBM HOLDME <strong>HOLDme</strong> is a 3d printed disability solution which allows to hold tools like a pen, a spoon, a fork etc… OBM PINARD A “<strong>Pinard</strong>” is a tool used to listen the heart rate of a fetus during pregnancy. OBM FABLE <strong>FABLE</strong> is an electromechanical hand.<br> Through the acquisition of signals generated by the muscles myoelectric contraction next to the elbow, it determines precise finger movements.<br> Electronics is the hub of the system and it is compact, lowcost, completely reengineered to provide a project everywhere reproducible and technologically advanced.<br> <strong>This hand is not a prosthesis, it is intended as a development kit.</strong><br> This work is licensed under the <strong>Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0</strong> International License.<br> To view a copy of this license, visit <a href=""></a> OBM BOB <strong>What it is BOB</strong> Requests & Ideas Do you need a project? Ora maybe do you have an idea to suggest? Tell us here, we are ready to make it real! General
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