About electromechanical hand


Hi, i am Alessio from Milan. I like the mission of OBM! I am a electrical engineer and I would like to know more about the projects! Why not to give my little help to OBM volountaries to made a particolar projects!


Hi @Garavaglia welcome in the OBM community!! I think you can talk also with @Cristian_C who developed with his team a myoelectric hand! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Valentino12!!!
@Cristian_C now I just ask if there is the possibility to collaborate to some project . Even just stay informed to study the the problem-maybe I can give you some idea !!


Hi @Garavaglia, welcome on board!
did you already look at to this topic New motors and electronics FABLE V0.5 ?


No!. I will !!!


Hi @Garavaglia, welcome in OBM.
@Andrea_Mezzanzanica and me live in Milan, feel free to join us for our next meeting!


O thanks! When is the next meeting?


Hi! I’m new hear! I need to know if it’s possible to create a collaboration to make a arms for African pepole


Hi Federica! You work in Africa?


Yes! In Tanzania and Milan


@federica_mazzoleni , now in Tanzania what is a solution for a person who needs a arm ??


No solution!!! I want introduce 3D printing to give a solutions


Welcome @federica_mazzoleni and @Garavaglia!

In the next weeks, me and @Mauro willl let you know about the next meeting in Milan!

I’ll create the OBM filter in Milan ASAP.

@blenzi @Valentino12 @Cristian_C, i’m back!


Welcome back @Andrea_Mezzanzanica ! :smiley:


@federica_mazzoleni in Tanzania you work for some association?


Yes! Consolata Hospital


@federica_mazzoleni You are a doctor?


Yes! I’m general and tropical surgeon


Consolata Hospital in Tanzania needs some unskilled personnel?


What do you mean by unskilled?