CONTEST: Photos of your 3d printed projects


Hi guys!
In this thread you can upload all the photos of your 3D printed projects (developed by OBM Initiative or other groups).

If the project is in the OBM Community Forum you can link the relative thread to allow other to download and print it.

All images will be posted on our social pages :slight_smile:

Let’s start!

Hi, im Pedro from Lisbon
Hello from Nigeria
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RAM Design Project


@OLUWAmuyiwa thanks for the photo! It has been posted just today on our FB page! Continue to post any news related to the project and tell all the team to sign up :slight_smile:


Some pics of BOB:


Weldone @Cristian_C . Good work!

I am hoping we could do more of printing for health and educational purposes.


Do you like our BOB project @OLUWAmuyiwa?


Yes @blenzi it is a wonderful project! Is the design file available?

I suggest you contact an organization in Nigeria/Africa if you want it to be widely spread across the African continent.

I am sure there is an imminent need for designs like BOB.


the old version of mechanical hand:


They will be available in 3 weeks @OLUWAmuyiwa :slight_smile: Do you have contact with any african associations? You could spread also TINA and FABLE there.



I know of Cyberlogik Foundation . . . We can get in touch with them.

We can also post a message on any international Linkedin group that supports 3D-Technology and Biomedical activities and specifically ask for African organizations to show some interest in taking responsibilities of the OBM designs in Africa.

I can be your representative in Africa to ensure that these organizations are performing according to the aim and objectives of OBM. I hope this idea is welcomed . . . :slight_smile:


New Project, work in progress!


Great news @Cristian_C! Thanks for the update, looking forward for new pics! :slight_smile:


hi everybody, i’m Pierluigi from Rome, I’m a volunteer in Open Biomedical Initiative and I contribute to BOB project whit my home made 3d printer


Pinard 3d printed by OBM


Here the project Fable finished!!

Hello from Shenzhen (China)!

Hello Everyone, I'm Alessio

Love it! What are the next steps @Giuseppe? More photos soon please!


Open Source 3D printed wheelchair
This is the first sketch we printed of our wheelchair project, we did that on our high school printer (2 years ago), and it is scaled because we didn’t have a suitable one. :sweat_smile:
Since then we have done a lot of upgrades.:smile:


Very good!! :sunglasses:


Very very great project :slight_smile: