Hello & FEM software development for Prosthetics


HI @OLUWAmuyiwa The project is a good benefit for our community SOMHO we ready to build the success of the project


@OLUWAmuyiwa How do you want to design the logo of the new center?


Thanks for the clarification!

But I think we an really work around all that you have duly stated for the purpose of clarity.

I also think you should discuss more with @SOMHO as she is the one present in Hargeisa and can information you need about the place and the people.

I will suggest we get information about the 15 learners and get o know them before going much further. This will help us do a background introduction of the criticality if the project and how important their earnest commitment is needed.

What footy think about doing a crowdfunding for this project or does the individual you mentioned ready to foot the bill whenever we are ready?

I am a mechanical engineering graduate, so I have some knowledge about FEM too but clearly not as deep as you :slight_smile: but I am sure I will cope well with whatever you are trying to pass across.

I think we need to start putting things into documentation as to be able to generate a workable document when the time comes.

Looking forward to blowing this operation up as soon as possible.


Let us try and figure out the possibilities of the operations with @dara before go ahead with something as trivia as logo design.

Let us put the foundational frameworks into place before all that.

I will humbly request that we meet with these 15 learners so as to get to know them and be familiar with them.

Perhaps you can tell them to join the forum and if possible, we can create a group on whatsapp for discussion before anything else.

Let me know what you think.


I am a mechanical engineering graduate, so I have some knowledge about FEM too but clearly not as deep as you

We are all equals, there are no hotshots in our organization, usually I fire them.

I agree with your points, however I need to involve our boss called Lucia Valente into this part of the discussion.

I do not know how to invite others here, please let me know.


You can ask them to join the forum and include into this conversation after that.

With the inclusion of two or more interested members of OBM, we can also create a whatsapp group where we can easily communicate.

I have Aldo suggested that the 15 learners from Somalia should be a part too.

Warm Regards,
Olumuyiwa Omole


Aright @OLUWAmuyiwa Thanks you reminder me what we have to do first.
I’m grateful for @dara support to @SOMHO
You are right is important the 15 learners to Know and Meet with these
I will request that you and author will meet with these 15 learners to get to know
I think we should use WhatsApp Group the 15 learners for the first face because it’ is easy for them
Do you think we can do that?


Yes, we can do that!

If it is possible, let them join this forum before we can think of having a whatsapp group.

Let us also hear from @dara about what is next. I think we are moving closer to that starting point.

Please tell the learners what is involved and how they need to be ready to shoulder a lot of responsibilities in making sure this project becomes a success.


@OLUWAmuyiwa Thank very much.
Yes it is possible the 15 learners we can join whatsapp group. The next few days you will know the15 learners
As you say is true to wait @dara new Information and what is next.

I told learners what is involved and how they need to be ready to shoulder a lot of responsibilities for sure this project will becomes a success


Just share the forum link with them: discourse.openbiomedical.org

They should not have problem signing up and looking for our discussions.



OLUWAmuyiwa http://discourse.openbiomedical.org/u/oluwamuyiwa
i attached you list of learner,s Names and their contacts also i invited
them to the our forum (OBM)


@Lucval, above are the conversations we have been having as regards setting up a prosthetic educational and production centre in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Please do weigh in. . .


I am going to meet with her this week and brief her on our discussions in person.

More later


Good to know that . . .

It is also good that the learners are on the platform and gave been introducing themselves.


Awasome its a great chance to us


every one of our learns they will describe them selves as soon as possible,
in last three day didn’t contact what is new for your side


hello all @OLUWAmuyiwa @dara @Lucval

The 15 learners I invited to forum,
We have to open the new center as soon as possible.
So what is the next step?



HI Gus
Iam Eid Mohamed i graduate last year civil Engineer at Gollis university ,Hageisa Somaliland
iam very happy to contribute this forum and i will share in my idea and experiences other hand i would take what you will come .thanks all membars in this forum


Welcome @ciidyoonis!

We hope to start very soon.

But we need to get ourselves together and discuss the details with @Lucval.


thank you mr @OLUWAmuyiwa @dara iam ready to take part every activities we will do
to reach our mission .