Hello & FEM software development for Prosthetics


I apologize @OLUWAmuyiwa @Lucval @dara for the delayed the learners are not’s yet the platform and gave been introduce themselves so some are introducing themselves. The rest of learners they will introduce themselves as soon as possible and to start very soon. to get in our goals


@OLUWAmuyiwa Hi every one
Iam Nimo yousuf abdillahi i graduate project planning management at ADMAS university, hargeisa Somaliland
Iam very happy to contribute in this form and i will share in my idea and experience. Iam very happy to work this project and help the people thanz all members


You are welcome Nimo


Hi, every one @OLUWAmuyiwa @dara @Lucval I am fozia Ahmed I am member of 15 learning that SOMHO org invited to OBM forum I am very glad to be ready to learning of trainees I am ready to success of this gold opportunity and very committed to take this training and I declared to go ahead until ended.



Hello everybody @OLUWAmuyiwa @dara @Lucval my names hinda mohmed , i graduate social science at university of hargeisa UOH, I like and very happy interested to be a 15 member trainees in Hargeisa project and Very happy to work this project and help the people thanks of all members


You are Welcome @hinda!


Thank you Mr @OLUWAmuyiwa I’m ready to take part every activities of this project.
thanks all of the member