Hello....I'm Martina!


Hello everyone, I am a biomedical engineer and I’m currently studying to finish the master degree at the Federico II University in Naples. In the meantime I have developed some expertise in the field of prosthetics and LVAD devices (for the heart), my passion is tissue engineering. Compliments the open for what they have created, and for what they do every day; I hope to become a part of your community!!!


Hi Martina, welcome on board!


Hello Martina! You’re welcome in the community, and be ready to join our acitivities! :slight_smile: Soon we will publish more details, but on the 6th of April we will participate to Innovation Village in Naples. Would you want to join us? :slight_smile:


Yes of course!!! I’m ready!!!:blush:


Hi @Martina_Pedrazzoli, it’s a great pleasure having you here :slight_smile: I live in Naples and on April 6-7 we will be at Innovation Village, if you want you could come with us :slight_smile: Some of us are in Città della Scienza and you can come here whenever you want.


Thank you for all!!! These days I’m really busy at the university, but in April I will come to the Città della Scienza. However, on 6 and 7 April I will be there, I’ll join you directly to the Mostra D’oltremare, can you tell me what time and where we meet.:grinning:


HI @Martina_Pedrazzoli! Nice to know we’ll meet in Naples soon! Could we meet at the Mostra D’Oltremare at 10 am on the 6th? Just in front of the entrance, from the stadium side :slight_smile:


Perfect!!! See you soon😉


Hi @Martina_Pedrazzoli, the event is coming :slight_smile: we will be in 5-6 people there, you will be one of the ours? :slight_smile:


unfortunately April 6 I have university commitments to which I can not miss; I update you regarding the April 7; I’m so sorry, I was really happy to participate!:slightly_frowning_face:


Ok @Martina_Pedrazzoli waiting for your news for the 7th and meanwhile fingers crossed for the 6th :wink:


Thanks @Valentino12!!! :grinning:


It was awesome meeting you @Martina_Pedrazzoli, thank you so much :slight_smile:


Me too @blenzi!!! I will come in this week in città della scienza!:blush: