Hi to all, I am Sara


Hello to everybody,

my name is Sara from Rome and I met Italian OBMI organization last October at “Maker Faire” in Rome.
I am graduated in fundraising management and I’d love to make my expertise and professional experience available to OBM to develop Italian organization.
I really hope I can help.



Hello @Sara! Nice to meet you and welcome in the community! Have you seen there is an OBM filter in Rome? The group there is growing and soon all the volunteers will meet on a regular base in the city. :slight_smile: Feel free to write your availability in the topic :slight_smile:


Hi @Sara, if you are in Rome, there is @Cristian_C with the OBM Filter there. From May he will organize some meetings. Have you any ideas for the fundraising? Welcome on board :slight_smile:


Hi Blenzi,
I am putting together some ideas, but to make my proposals very effective
and viable I need to learn ven more about resources, fundraising policy (if
any) and what was made in the past. Where can I look up or is there a
reference person I can get some information? Thanks


@Sara you can contact @fabio.petronio through discourse :slight_smile: Is the director of business area.


Hi @Sara, welcome on board! Join us at Rome filter!