Is Raspberry Pi an interesting technology (as building block) for Biomedical Engineering?


I’m very new to Biomedical Engineering so this is a very open question to the community.

Does Raspberry Pi have a field of application/interest for Biomedical Engineering?


Hello @marsac! I think @Cristian_C could help you in this! :slight_smile:


Thanks @Valentino12. My apologies for this apparently not very specific question. What I have in mind is a number-crunching programming language that needs this minimum platform to run.


Hi @marsac, depend on which kind of device you want to develop.
Raspberry Pi are a lot of nice features, but some limitation too.
Give us more information


I understood this is an overly open question! Let we talk about in Naples on early April! Thanks


Perfect! see you soon


Hello @marsac, could you elaborate further on your project? I’ve worked with a RasPI for Project BOB, I might give you some useful insights.


Hi Gianfranco. My apologies for this delayed answer!
I’m not working on a project. I’m looking for a good biomedical project that needs number crunching capabilities based on RasPi.
Can I contact you directly?


Can’t wait to see updates :slight_smile:


@Gianfranco_Damato look at here!