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Where: Ibadan, Nigeria/Hargeisa, Somaliland
Reference place: Somaliland HelpAge Organization
Realtime communication through: E-mail

Hello OBMer!

I have introduced OBM to an organization in Somalia in the bid to spread OBM to Africa.

I made contact with an organization in Somalia and they are in need for prosthetic designs for their beneficiaries.The name of the organization is Somaliland HelpAge Organization (SOMHO).

I have instructed the Executive Director to contact you through the Open Biomedical Initiative’s official email address.

If we can get across to organizations that are in need in prosthetic designs, I think OBM will spread rapidly and effectively throughout Africa.

Warm Regards,

Hallo I'm Federica
Hello & FEM software development for Prosthetics

Great initiative @OLUWAmuyiwa my best wishes


Thanks @marsac! I hope you will be a part of the initiative . . .


That is absolutely great @OLUWAmuyiwa! Thanks! :slight_smile: We are waiting to be contacted, meanwhile we are also planning a mission in Angola too. More news coming soon :slight_smile:
Please, could you rename the thread as follows, just to standardize: [OBMer Filter] #Nigeria (Africa)

Looking forward for more news! :slight_smile:


@Valentino12 we have been engaging SOMHO in a conversation about a possible collaboration and setting up a facility centre in Somaliland.

More to come!


Great! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hello OBMers!

Sahra of @SOMHO in Somaliland has done her part in explaining the proposed centre to be used as the education and facility centre for OBM activities in Africa.

Please find attached the venue photo where the new centre will arise and that will host us as both production site and education centre. It is good idea to start with smaller size as Sahra always says. The venue have enough space to build even new facilities, but for the time being it may not really need restructuring. It is available from soon at the rent and including water . . . Electric.Internet.of 1500 USD per month.

It is located at the hearth of the historical part of the city of Hargeisa; and is well served with public transport. It is so close to the Hargeisa Group Hospital, the major hospital of the country, state owned and that is servicing the whole city. It is more or less 8 minutes walking distance. With one bus, you can reach easily from the city centre as well.

About the material to be used for teaching, it depends: The typical class material are available here. If I know the type and quantity I can also get the prices from the local market. We are expecting news from @blenzi, @Cristian_C and @Valentino12 and the entire OBM team to instruct us on what kind of materials we may need for teaching and production, and from that point, we can confirm whether we can get from the local market or not.

We need to hear from you soon so that we can kick off as soon as possible.



Great job @OLUWAmuyiwa!
Could you make a document with what you want to teach, how many students in the same class will you have and so on? then we can think what kind of materials you will need


Awesome photos @OLUWAmuyiwa! What are the next step? And feedbacks?

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Hello @blenzi and @Cristian_C according to my knowledge of 3D printing, biomedical engineering and prosthetic technology, I do not think I am qualified to teach. I am at best an advocate for now.

My initial thought was the @SOMHO and @OBM will work together with each organization taking up a particular role in this project.

If I can work with the Education Team of OBM as I proposed sometimes ago last year, things could work out differently. If I am to be a referent in Africa, then I must have basic and foundational skills in 3D Printing, biomedical engineering and prosthetic technology.

@SOMHO has been expecting us to get back to them because they are ready to work with us as soon as possible.


@OLUWAmuyiwa this is definitely awesome!! I will inform our Scientific Committe if anyone of them could help the African Community regarding the educational mission. I will update you in few days and I will alo post it on socials to gain feedback and support from the community ! :slight_smile:

PS: I agree with @Cristian_C, could you maybe make a document resuming in one page all the logistic and technical details of the place, its potential point and its needs? :slight_smile: It will help us better fit our help to you :slight_smile:


Alright @Valentino12! I will do just that and get get back to you as soon as possible.

We will be glad if you inform the Scientific Community as this will increase the awareness and mobilize people to help @SOMHO and those in need of prosthetics.

Social Media will be great! :slight_smile:

Let’s kickstart something great!


That is greats and absolutely I agree @OLUWAmuyiwa and we are ready, it is well be something great!

And also thank you so mach for @Cristian_C , @blenzi , @Valentino12 we so happy @OBM will work together


Great thanks to you!! :slight_smile:


No problem @OLUWAmuyiwa, we can help you for your backgound.
You can organize alla activities and initiatives in Africa for this moment :slight_smile:


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Hello OBMer!

I am happy to tell you that I have developed the contents of the document @cristian_c, @Valentino12 and @blenzi are looking forward to read in order to know the things that are needed to set up a laboratory in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

I could not upload the PDF file so I have converted each page into an image file that everyone can have access to. For documentation, I have sent the PDF format to the OBM’s email and also to @blenzi’s email.

Any further questions, please pass it across so that @SOMHO can respond accordingly.

I hope this will be a good way to initiate the project. About the Project’s Title, please feel free to suggest any alternative if possible.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Great job @OLUWAmuyiwa!