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Thanks @Cristian_C. Let us begin to talk about what is needed to get the project started as you suggested.


Awesome @OLUWAmuyiwa! yes let as to started


Definitely great material @OLUWAmuyiwa! We are also preparing a mission in Angola where to build a local center of accessible prosthetics based on 3D printing and the work of specialists and volunteers.

Now, first of all, I will spread this material to our network to gather support, interest and feedback. Next we can build the path setting up the necessary steps to follow to achiece the first real results. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @OLUWAmuyiwa and @SOMHO :slight_smile:


That’s good to know @Valentino12. I really hope more people will join and kickstart the project as soon as possible.


You’re welcome @Valentino12 the project definitely awesome and SOMHO is ready.
Great job @OLUWAmuyiwa!


Hello @OLUWAmuyiwa I’m here


Hello: OBMer!

I am truly @OLUWAmuyiwa Pleased the great opportunity! For OBM Initiative to open new center in Hargeisa-Somaliland

@SOMHO expected the new center will open on June, I get help for the rent so we ready to go forward

I think now we need to discuss for the equipments and the materials needed to set up the production and educational center.

Thank you


@SOMHO, please share the image of the rent agreement of the Centre.


Alright @OLUWAmuyiwaI @SOMHO is pleased to work with you, and we are dedicated to make sure that the project will be as planned.

As we agreed on to begin the project soon, we would like to present the agreement that we had with the tenant. According to the agreement, the owner brought us the keys of the new center last week. And we guarantee that the center will be opened as long as we want .Moreover, as I told you before we would like to open the new center on 1st June, if you are ready and greed on to that time we mentioned.
The agreement paper is attached.



Hallo @OLUWAmuyiwa @Lucval @dara

I apology you the delayed the CV of the learners

Three learners are whit @Lucval

The rest of them who will be involved in the Hargeisa project
I send their CV by email to ( OBM and The Deep project )


Hello @valentino12 ! Hund as possible.

This is so that we can get great support for the project.


Thank you Sahra, I will review the CVs on the forum.

May I ask you to have each learner complete the assessment questionnaire
that we sent to you. We can then determine who has the mathematical
foundation suitable to the training in Mathematica. Does that sound OK
to you?

Lucia Valente

Founder, Loss of Generality

www.lossofgenerality.org [8]


You’re very welcome Lucia:

Yes it sound good

Nimao Yousuf Abdilahi and Qadan Adan Faarah
They complete the assessment questionnaire and they send to you back

also Hinda she will send as soon as possible
I hope all goes well

Sahra Mohamed


Hello Sahra, yes, we received completed assessment questionnaires.

Do you have time to speak with me tomorrow - Thursday? What time suits

Lucia Valente

Founder, Loss of Generality

www.lossofgenerality.org [5]


Hello Lucia

Yes I have time to speak with you today - Thursday at 3:30 pm



Thanks Sahra, yes, I will call you at 3:30 your time.

Lucia Valente

Founder, Loss of Generality

www.lossofgenerality.org [4]


Hi Lucia

The director Ministry of education he I want to speak with you on the Skype Wednesday afternoon my local time in my office do you have time?



Yes, thanks so much - I have time. What time works for you?

Lucia Valente

Founder, Loss of Generality

www.lossofgenerality.org [4]


you’r very welcome Lucia, I have time to speak with you 4:30 pm


Hello Sahra, Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. your time works for me.

Regards, Lucia

Lucia Valente

Founder, Loss of Generality

www.lossofgenerality.org [4]