[OBMer Filter] #Rome (Italy)


Where: Rome
Reference place?
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Let’s start a new OBM filter in Rome, everyone lives near Rome can join us! This is the place where we can talk about OBM activity in Rome like meetings, projects and so on. Do you have any idea? Feel free to discuss it here!
@Matteo_Madafferi @Giggi_M @Giorgio_Lasala @Giulia_Sacco @marsac @fernanda.cugnata @Giuseppe


ok, perfect! here we are


Great guys! :slight_smile:


I’m here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @Cristian_C , it’s a very, very welcome news!


What do you think guys to insert a place (also a bar or a pub or a garage) as reference place? Would you like to organize an informal event?

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@Sara here is it the local filter :slight_smile:


Hi to all,
I’m new here but I am very happy to give my contribution!


It’s a very welcome idea to have also a real collaborative place in Rome @blenzi. IMO this will grant a solid OBM local community development.


@Cristian_C and @Matteo_Madafferi, what do you think to start working on this? @Matteo_Madafferi do you need any materials from @Valentino12 for asking a location?


Ok, we could start, but i’dont understand the question about the location. Our idea is ask a place to someone? I 'didn’t understand


@Cristian_C wrote you all things @Matteo_Madafferi. Our idea should be having some reference places at least in Rome and Naples :slight_smile:


@Cristian_C added some standard information in the first message. You can complete all the fields as in this thread: [OBMer Filter] #Naples (Italy) - Città Della Scienza