Open Source 3D printed wheelchair


In our project, we are creating an Open Source model of wheelchair which can be printed on plastic using a 3D printer. We need people to support our work and help us in improving our wheelchair prototype to make it cheaper and more competitive. To do so, you would need some knowledge in how to use software such as FreeCAD.

Check out the files of our project in our profile:

Or check them out in our github project:


We have some difficulties in designing the footrest.

We would like to receive some advices to improve the design of the footrest. Any ideas?



Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with FreeCAD. I think are necessary:

  • A height adjustment of the support base.
  • A support for the heel.

See this example.



Hi Javier, nice project!


This design started as a school project made by @Javier-OMD and me and coordinated by @isorser
PD: Nice post partner :smile::smile:


Hi, @gp83 :grin:

Thanks for the advice, we will consider your ideas.

By the way, don’t worry about FreeCAD, you can download the files in .stl and send us new designs if you are interested. :+1:


Thanks, @Cristian_C :grinning::+1:


We have already made a skectch. Look at it :slight_smile:


Good work @VictorOMD !


Very nice project! Will be the files available online? It should be interesting if you want to put your project also on our github under you CC license.


Yeah @blenzi , they are avaliable on our github profile:
And we don’t really know how to upload our project on your profile. So if you guide us we can post it on yours.
PS: Sorry for answering so late, we have been really busy lately.


Hi @VictorOMD, no problem and compliments again :slight_smile: If you give me (also with a private message) your profile on github I will add you to our repository to upload all the material, thank you :slight_smile:


@VictorOMD I added you in our github repository.
You can upload all the file in a new repository following the same criteria of the other projects inside (in the name and in the folders structure).
For the name instead of (for example) OBM-HOLDme you can insert only the name of your project without OBM-
In the description you can insert all of your references.

It awesome having you in our network :slight_smile:


@VictorOMD soon our new site will be ready, and you will can present your project on it too. We are making a section dedicated to host projects and it would be great to give visibility of them in order to support the community help :slight_smile: What do you think?


New update of the wheelchair. This time we have focused on improving the visual appearance of the chair and changing the structure of the footrest, following the advice we received from you in the forum. :thumbsup:

By the way, now we are in OpenBioMedical’s github profile, so you can check out our new updated files here:


@Javier-OMD very nice!


Very cool @Javier-OMD!!