3D printed hand in India

I am volunteering an organization E-Nableindia, we have plan to distribute 3D printed hands speicaly fingers and hand below elbow …till 30 March…anyone interested to help any physical disable then be in contact.

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We love it @Hemant_16aug! Is it an event?

Thanks Mr. Blenzi, it is a campaign where we are looking for recipients whom We can donate free of cost prosthetic hands…but it is not getting popularity so thought to publish information through OBM plateform.

Yes! Our design files will be available in 3-4 weeks, maybe you could use also them to donate prosthetic hands to recipient.

@Hemant_16aug - have you used social media to reach out to people? If you have created a FB page or tweeted about it, please share the link that one can share further

@Hemant_16aug Also maybe collaborate with medical centres that provide prosthetic services to patients. They will have a database of patients who need prosthetics but may not be economically in a position to undergo it so it would be useful for them. Is this offered pan- India? Also can you share who is manufacturing these

Hi sarika thanks for your query and suggestion…FYI we are trying to reach everyone by means of posting and sharing information to make this campaign popular. You may let me know if you want to help anyone.


Thanks Mr. blenzi we have designs ready with us…thanks fir your support…keep supporting.

Hi sarika

We have posted same information on our fb and below is the Website linlks
Website ink

Facebook post