Africa: List of Partner Organizations

Hello OBMers!

I will use this thread to update you all about organizations we should have partnership with in Africa in order to spread the OBM designs through the African countries.

Presently, Somaliland HelpAge Organization (SOMHO) is the first to show interest in OBM designs.

We will should start sharing the designs with these organizations after we have compiled the list at the end of the month and also enter into an agreement with them.

Olumuyiwa Omole
for: OBM Africa :slight_smile:


Very great work @OLUWAmuyiwa, you could take all the contact with them as referent of OBM Initiative in Africa ok? :slight_smile:

Alright Bruno! I will do just that!


Any updates @OLUWAmuyiwa? :slight_smile:

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