Canadian AI fund: usable for dynamic joint prosthetics development


Since you are Canadian and myself and some directors of our organization are as well, we could jointly apply for the Canadian AI fund, which was just announced.

The proposal could be for the joint development for the 3D printer Prosthetics.

Small computer attachment e.g. Raspberry PI could easily run several Machine Learning and AI algorithms to regulate the tension in the artificial tendons.

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@dara Thank very much for your info this is a good chance to apply for the Canadian AI fund
Iā€™m Canadian and I 'am Glad If we get support of the Canadian AI fund
Excellent opportunity and we can jointly both of our organization.
To apply and I think you can prepare project proposal

What you think.

This is good! The AI inclusion will bring novelty to the functionality of the prosthesis.

I would advise you to go for it!