Hello Community

Hello openbiomedical. My name is Hamza Waheed. I have graduated Heritage High School on June 13th and am currently a student at Wake Technical Community College. I plan on pursuing a bachelors in biomedical engineering. If there are any projects that I can help anyone with, I will gladly help.

Hello Hamza

I assume you are in US.

The kinds of work we do requires the following undergraduate education:

  1. Claculus 2, or the multi-variable calculus
  2. Elementary matrix algebras and bit of linear algebra but not much
  3. 2D and 3D graphics, math and programming
  4. 3D rendering, you need to learn how to use a renderer from some code or at least manually
  5. Familiarity with drafting tools or solid modelers

You do not need 4 years of US education, you can learn these things by yourself with a bit of help from your college in 2 years or less.


Hi @waheedhamza71 welcome on board!

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Hello dara, so far I have done calculus 2 at high school. I have not done the other four things. I do not know how I can contribute, considering I live in the US and from the maps, most people live in Italy. I do not even know how I can learn the other four items. I apologize for responding a little late. I was very busy these past couple of days.

You just need to experiment and find something enjoyable to work on and find your forte and talent accordingly.

Most important thing: don’t listen to negative talk and people.

Since you are in USA it is easy for you to experiment with different parts of the projects you can see here and other places.

You can easily design parts and send to 3D print companies to print for you. You can find access to 3D scanners and do something fun.

Try different things to see where your talent is.