Hello Everybody!

Hi everybody!
I’m Marco from Bologna and I’m an Electronic Engineer.
After a 2 years experience in Maserati I finally get into the Biomedical the field I love and I work now in Mirandola (MO).

I would like to give my contribute for the WIL project. I studied SVM machine for gesture recognition of EMG signals from severed arms during the University (it was an alghoritm optimization dedicated project), so I would like to continue what I learned…

Can I get the documentation of WIL? Or the printable model? (I have a low cost 3D printer…very very low cost…) Or just some information??

Ok too many questions…hope to get in touch with you soon!


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Hi Marco,
In few weeks we will release all the files of WIL (actually we changed the model and the name, is TINA and no more WIL).
Next week we will release all the files of FABLE, are you also interested in it?

Hi Bruno,
I would like to be useful in project which require these skills:

  • Programming on Micro
  • Signal Processing
  • 3D design (PTC Creo)
    That’s because I would like to improve and make useful what I learned in University and what I’m learning from work.

I thought thath FABLE and TINA (ex WIL) were basically the same. If is not, YES I’m interested also in FABLE!

Perfect @Marco, sorry for the delay, we are working hard to improve the performance of the forum.
Next week we will release FABLE , we have just opened the forum section, i think you will be very usefull in that project.