Hello Everyone, I'm Alessio

Hello everyone, my name is Alessio, I’m 19 years old and I attend Biomedical Electronics Engineering at the University of Florence.

I love electronics, computer science and medicine, in fact, in my spare time I love to dedicate myself to my projects.

Among these are two fully DIY 3D printers.

With these I printed, for example, a wrist brace for carpal tunnel and a right-handed prosthesis. (Flexy Hand)

I have a particular interest in the Arduino platform.

I love to spread my projects through my blog (www.alessiobigini.it) and with my social, to get to know as many people as possible of these new technologies!

I also belong to the Cavriglia Mercy Brotherhood where I perform the advanced level rescue activity.

Hello @AlessioBigini, welcome on board!
If you want you can share pics of your project here CONTEST: Photos of your 3d printed projects
and reviews your 3d printer here http://discourse.openbiomedical.org/c/3D-World/3d-printer

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