Hello everyone! I'm Daniele!

Hi, I’m Daniele from Torino and I’m a Biomedical Engineering’s student at Politecnico di Torino. I love electronics and its biomedical’s applications, but i’m still not an expert in the field, so i’ve joined this community hoping to expand my knowledge about Biomedical’s world and projects. :slight_smile:


Hello @danytex! Nice to meet you and welcome in the community! :slight_smile:

Thanks! @Valentino12

It is the right place @danytex for expanding your knowledge :slight_smile:Are you interested in any projects?

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Yes @blenzi !!I’m especially fascinated by robotics projects but also by those connected to neurosciences, electric signals emitted by the brain (the research on signal analysis in neurodegenerative diseases for example). In general all projects including electronics and his applications!!