Hello everyone! I'm Giulia

Hi! I’m Giulia, I live in Rome and I’m going to graduate in Biomedical Engeneering at the University La Sapienza in July. I love electronics and robotics and I like to trasform my ideas into practice. I appreciate very much OBM initiative and I hope that it will be also possible to develop a group of OBMers in my city!


Hi Giulia, nice to see you here!

Hello Giulia, welcome in the community! Soon an OBM filter in Rome will be created, then stay tuned and join as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Hi @Giulia_Sacco, it’s a very great pleasure having you here. We try every day to transform ideas into practice. Close to you there is @Cristian_C and @Matteo_Madafferi , but also me (Naples) and @Valentino12 (Pescara).

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