Hello from Nigeria

Hello Everyone!

My name is Olumuyiwa and I am from Nigeria . . . I am an educator and a mechanical engineering graduate working to ensure a better and more productive community through education, biomedical engineering with the use of 3D technology.

I am also the Team Lead of OBM Project called “Rise And Move”- RAM. And I hope that through this forum, the RAM team will enjoy more partnership with designing a low cost 3D printable prosthetic leg for those in dire need of it.

Once again, it is nice to be here!


Hello @OLUWAmuyiwa! That’s great to have you here, we are going to create the forum page for your project too. Stay tuned, we are going to test some options and then we will be ready to host all projects! :slight_smile:

Thanks Val! And thanks for your support for over a year . . . I hope to work more with OBM this year!


Welcome on board friend! Why don’t you open a thread @OLUWAmuyiwa in http://discourse.openbiomedical.org/c/projects for RAM project? You can also upload the picture in the CONTEST thread with the tag of RAM: CONTEST: Photos of your 3d printed projects

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