Hello guys, I'm Alberto and I want to change the world

Hello everyone, my name is Alberto, from Trento and Vicenza (Italy) and the next year I will move to Copenhagen.

I’m 25 years, I’m studying building engineering and architecture in Trento and I’m a CEO and cofounder of WiLL ( Wind Landscape Lab).

I can use Rhinocerous, all adobe program , Revit, Autocad. Regarding the university course I’m focus in building structure and the problems of energy in the future metropolis.

WiLL is a startup in the mini wind turbine sector, we think the wind turbine need to be in the city not in the hill or in the sea, so we are trying to put tougher design, advertising and wind turbine in a single element.

Now I buy a 3d printer so, here I am, I want to help other people!

My personal aims are resolve the energy problems and constantly help other people

My vision is a better world. Now the focus of people is money and how to have more of it. It’s time to change, people needs to change mentality and think in an “open source” way.



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If you are not familiar with open source hand devices visit www.enablingthefuture.org

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Thanks RichB,
how can I sponsor the open biomedical in the city where live ?