Hello, I'm Andrea

Hello everybody, I’m Andrea and I work as a vascular surgeon in a public hospital in Turin-Italy.
I’m involved everyday in the treatment of the whole spectrum of peripheral vascular diseases, but one of my main interest is in Prosthetic vascular access for hemodialysis. These vascular prostheses are really lifeline devices allowing thousand of patients to survive by hemodialysis treatment for years or even decades…
Recently, advances in prosthetic technology have provide some innovative grafts which permit reliable anastomosis (joining a plastic graft to a blood vessel) or a multilayer wall design allowing an early cannulation without the fear of bleeding after removing the needles utilized to connect to the dialysis circuit.
But still, many problems are unsolved like a quite high rate of thrombosis and access malfunction.
So, I think this is a great opportunity to join the OBM community to share ideas and knowledge to try to improve with new projects the performance of these life-saving devices.
Congratulations for this initiative.

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Hi Andrea! welcome on board!

Hi @agosurgery, it’s awesome having you here. Have you suggestions or projects?