Hello, i'm Denis, a maker who hope can help the project with my knowledge

Hello everyone, i’m Denis, i live in Pescara,Abruzzo,Italy. I’m a young guy that defines itself a “maker” , i do things like 3D printing, 3d modeling, i develop simple projects with Arduino and Raspberry PI, for robotics and domotics applications. All of these only for fun, but i would be Glad to help in something bigger.

Thanks all for let me be part of your community.


Welcome Denis

We have some projects, soon, we could use some PI usage.

I like to collect the amputee stats from the prosthetic manifold e.g. pressure sensors placed into a socket (where the limb stub fits in).

With Blue tooth or wifi report the stats to a phone or local network device. We collect the stats and redesign the prosthetic for the patient… so and so forth.

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i’m glad to hear these ideas from you , i’m very excited to help other people with our tools and knowledge

These are the application of technology that i love,

let me know for future developments of your projects and ideas

If you learn how to use the RS232 or any other serial or parallel port interfaces to pressure sensors, or other small sensors e.g. temperature or moisture… would be very handy for us very very soon.

Also if you could learn how to make socks, these are net meshes with sensor arrays embeded or knitted in. You could make low resolution array socks which would be very handy.

Hi @Denis_Bonifazi, there are many people from Pescara. Look at FABLE project and if you want help us you’re welcome

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Hello Cristian! Sure i will :wink: thanks for appreciating