Hello, this is Mario

Hi all,
I’m Mario, I live in Rome, I’m 55 years old, very passionate about many things.

I have a strange skill mix that spans from technical to more humanistic. I have diploma in Computer Science and a degree in Economics. I’m an I/T Consultant but also certified as Accountant and Auditor.

In my 33 years’ career I worked in the I/T arena as programmer, systems engineer, project manager, salesman and now as senior consultant for the Cognitive domain (this is how my company branded the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics domains).

Software technology is for sure my passion and the object of my job, but I like also to invest part of my personal time for another great passion: help a bunch of young boys and girls who have decided to get in the game in first person starting new business initiatives. I like and encourage entrepreneurship and the willingness to work in group: sharing with others is an adult, not simple but far-sighted choice.
This passion represents the professional topic that I’d like to develop in the second last half of my life. I think that today the willingness to “Make” is one of the most interesting and powerful way for young people to express themselves with satisfaction, also if it appears not so simple to pursue in my country.

Among others, I go crazy looking at today MOOC’s educational offering! I’d like also to be a Long-Life Learner but …. you know … life is physically limited! :grin:

I am very interested in the social issues so I really appreciate the non-profit initiatives and people who offer themselves to help others, therefore the OBM Initiative appears to me as a powerful and practical way to help the less fortunate. I like also its motto “We help” that smartly synthetizes with these two simple words its goal.

Now let me ask to this Community if there is an OBM team or site in Rome. I like the “global” initiatives but I also believe in the need to look at the “global” taking care of the “local” :wink:



Welcome on board @marsac :slight_smile:Yes we love online collaboration but we love in person meetings also and yes, we have a community in Rome, there is @Cristian_C one of the founder of OBM Initiative. I think that you could be very helpful for our projects :slight_smile:

Hi Mario, welcome on board!

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