Hi All! Dr Rajyaguru here

Hi All…I am a new member here…

I am a Brain And Spine Surgeon (Neurosurgeon) from India.

Enthusiastic about exploring applications of 3D printing in medical field.

I can help with medical knowledge required by the engineers and other biomedical enthusiasts over here, and at the same time i may get help regarding engineering inputs required.

I believe working cross-platform is very essential for innovation in 3D printing.


Hello @DrRajyaguru welcome in the community!! :slight_smile:

Hi sir. I am a biomedical engineer. Interested to be involved in a project. Please let me know if I can be your any help. E-mail: subashish1993@gmail.com

welcome @DrRajyaguru

Our organization needs medical data, any MRI or 2D or 3D patient data that could be used to test the new algorithms.

We have close startegic ties with Wolfram Research Inc. and we have access the to latest US techs on the matters of interest.

Our major weakness is lack of data.

I have noticed that Indians are pioneering open source medical sciences and I feel very enthused by their new approach.


Hi @DrRajyaguru welcome. Is it possible for you to share that kind of medical data requested? thanks in advance