Hi, Andrea is online!


My name is Andrea, I’m a Biomedical Engineer and I live in Milan.

Actually I work as a Project Manager; I possess an inherent ability to plan, manage and execute projects that are conducive to priorities and goals.

I love to find technological solutions to large and small problems, and I am very passionate about new trends and everyday I inquire about cutting edge technologies online or in specialized press.

I work everyday with clinicians, and I frequently visit hospitals to understand their needs and for help them to find new solutions.

I think that 3D printing will revolutionize healthcare world in the next years, and I’m so proud to partecipate to Open Biomedical Initiative!


Welcome con Board @Andrea_Mezzanzanica!!

I am looking to form a network of biomedical group. I am at Goa. A mechanical engineer and 3 D printer enthusiast and guy with networking abilities. Looking towards India, remember me.

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