Hi everyone I'm Luigi!

Hi guys, I’m Luigi A.K.A. sh4d3.
I’m graduated in Bioengineering at the university of Genova but I’m a sardinian man :slight_smile:
My master thesis has focused on design, development and implementation of a wearable tactile sensor.
I love it*-* :smiley:
I’m really interested to learn something new and exciting and I’d like to work in robotics sector or mechatronics (and biomedical, obviously: rehab, neuro or something in imaging)…knowing my basics.
If I could offer my help to anyoneI would be happy.
I’ve lot of hobbies: running and functional fitness (calisthenics, advanced level), audiophile, graphics, blogging & forum, technology, photography, mobile phones and OS…for any other information please look at my profile :smiley:
ByeZ friends!! :))


Do u have any plants to work on diagnostic kit development. Share ur email id

Actually not, just CAD programs :smiley:
How can I share my email? From the platform seems impossible…
I don’t know if I can post it here…

Hi @sh4d3, look at FABLE project and join us!