Hi, im Pedro from Lisbon

Hello all,

i was searching google and found this organization! Im a chemical engineer phD student Lisbon Portugal, and have recently got interested on 3d printing, robotics electronics etc!!. I am currently building a Bioprinter and maybe someone here have any experience from turning a standard 3d pritner into a bioprinter!!

If anyone need help on 3d CAD, programming, robotics etc just tell me! I am always found of interesting projects!


Hello @pedrorego!! Nice to meet you and welcome in our community!! :slight_smile: Really nice from your part, soon we will present the new site that will be ready to collect not only the OBM projects but also the project from all over the world. Here you will find lot of people engaged in realizing open source projects for health. I suggest you for example also @ppadilla, from Peru! Let’s get in contact, interesting projects could come from it.

PS: I was in Lisbon on November, that’s a great city, it would be interesting to gather people like you who want to join common goals with our community. Do you want more info how to create a Lisbon filter of OBM? :slight_smile:

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Valentino thanks for the answer, You should came here during summer Novemeber is cold!

yes i would be very interested in contact with more people from Lisbon, but not exclusively i’m interest at global scale, i have been participating in other openSource projects with global scale :slight_smile:


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Welcome on board @pedrorego, woud you like to post some pics of your Bioprinter there? :slight_smile:CONTEST: Photos of your 3d printed projects

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im still starting ! i will use some cheap clones of prusa i3 to do it!

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Hello @pedrorego welcome on board!

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