Hi there! Let's start with this new OBM adventure!

Hi to all! I’m Valentino Megale, co-founder of the Open BioMedical Initiative. I contribute to its activities as the Editor of OBM News, OBM’s editorial team, organizing OBM’s social media team, supporting OBM’s media team and working to build and improve our international network!

I live in Pescara, in Italy. As a biologist, some years ago a started this adventure to discover how to help people everywhere using new technologies and new approaches to make our dreams real. Then, the OBM is the adventure that made all of this REAL.

Everybody can join us and find a way to contribute and build this great project. Don’t esitate, just try, have fun and be part of a great community! :slight_smile:

Let’s rock!

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Hi there I see the future in 3d printing I would like to start a market of 3d printing in India …

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Hi puneeth what’s your plan for 3d printing in india