Hope to be a valued member of the group

Hello, I’m Lucia and I founded a company dedicated to providing education and advanced skills to students who do not have ease of access.

Hey, this is great to hear. Please let me know how it works.

Our work is multi-facetes - here is a high level overview

Through our non-profit we make available advanced training in Wolfram Mathematica - to give our students a professional career. We pay them a small stipend during their training and once training is complete, they earn income through projects that they work on with us. It is a wonderful model that works well - all training is done virtually over a period of one year. It gives students, who have a solid work ethic and a desire to achieve, a magnificent opportunity to build their future Also we provide online educational modules, focussed on STEM material, to high schools and colleges. This material is the same course material being used in North America. We received authorization from Professors we work with in North America to make their material available.
We re in the process of designing prosthetics - high quality and cost effective - to make available to those who do not have ease of access to such medical devices. Again, our goal is to train local people in the software required to ‘fit’ the prosthetics and provide them with a professional career. Thats a very high level of our work.


Hi this is great @Lucval The young people in my country they need to Learning education and advanced skills
and we need you support

Hi @Lucval, welcome and nice project!