How to start a new OBM Filter

Wherever you are or the place you live become a #filter of our liquid community

Here are few tips to start a new OBM Filter.

A Filter is simply a geographical place where OBM volunteers meet each other to work together, discuss new project and initiatives and make new contacts. A Filter is not a closed group, it is a place where everyone can join or leave, it depends only upon your presence and activity in the local group.

To make a Filter, open a New Topic and name it #NameOfTheFilter, for example #Rome.

Then write down a short description of what people are doing in it, what are its potentialities and maybe projects. Upload some photos and share your ideas and suggestion.

Finally update the topic with any news, event, initiative related to the Filter and invite new members to join it!

For any doubt, just comment this topic, we remain at your disposition for everything! :slight_smile: