Introduction (FAQ/Guidelines)

Welcome to Open BioMedical Community Forum, the Forum for the Community of Open BioMedical Initiative! We’re glad you’re here :slight_smile:

The Open BioMedical Initiative is a global non profit initiative whose volunteers, collaborating remotely through online platforms, develop and spread open source and low cost health and accessibility supports using new technologies such as 3D printing.

This Forum will be a common discussion space for its Community that, starting from its website, will talk and share ideas with other OBMers. It is a key part of the OBM ecosystem, made up also of social media and the website, together aiming, through an Open Innovation approach, to support the needs of every OBMer.

But who is an OBMer? Anybody who shares the OBM Initiative spirit: a volunteer, a donor, a developer, a recipient, a FabLab, an association. Everybody who made something for and with the OBM Initiative.

You can use these forums to ask questions about any aspect of Open BioMedical Initiative, download or upload projects, create an OBM Filter, insert your school in the Education Program, talk with other OBMers and keep up to date on the latest news in our Announcements forum.

Private Messages
While our forums support the use of private messages, we urge you to ask your questions directly in the forums. If you ask you question publicly, everyone using the forum will have the benefit of learning the answer. Private messages should be used sparingly and only to communicate about private matters, for example when you are invited to send a private message to another user who would like further information about an error message that may reveal confidential information about your company’s infrastructure.

Users who continue to send private messages after another user has asked them not to do so may be banned from the forums entirely. Be kind - ask your question in a public topic!

Using the Forums Solely via Email
For people who generally prefer mailing lists to forums, we’ve got you covered. You can interact with this forum solely via email by setting up your user preferences so that you receive messages posted to each forum category/thread within it as often as you would like.

Proposing New Categories
If you’d like to propose a category to add to the forums, aren’t sure quite where to start or have a suggestion for how we can improve these offerings, go to the Meta Forum category!

Sharing Code Snippets or Error Messages
Last but not least, if you’d like to share long code snippets, error messages, log files, etc., please create and share a link to a GitHub gist in your thread. Gists are much easier to read!

Reporting Issues with Using the Forum
Please post issues with using the forums, such as being unable to reply to a forum thread via email, a post disappearing, etc., in the Meta Forum category. Our team monitors this category so we can help you if you are having problems. If you are unable to use the forums to report an error, send an e-mail from the Open BioMedical Initiative website.

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