I've never introduced myself until now

I’m the Founder and President of a Chapter of e-NABLE in Tampa Bay Region of Florida. No design skills, but have been 3D printing with success for 3 years. We have distributed e-NABLE hands to adult amputee’s and Nick Fingers to a pre-teen. We are a 501c3 corp/charity.

I want to build the Fable arm for research within our chapter. I’m a retired chiropractor, we have a nurse and two occupational therapists in our chapter as well as others. No in house CAD designer.

I’ve made 5 aborted attempts on the Forearm printing on the CraftBot XL. Does anyone have a good previously printed, supported STL file that they can send to HandlingTheFurture@gmail.com.
Thank you,
Rich Brown
It’s now attempts and last print of the forearm was 23 hours and then it fell over. Does anyone have a good ready for print with support and raft on all of the files?