Making Fable in SHENZHEN

Hi to all!I’m printing 3D hand OBM FABLE in Shenzhen at eSun (China), one of the most important 3D filament’s producer.Here the photos during my work!

I’m using PLA yellow, white and black eSun filaments with iSun and CETUS 3d Wireless Printers.


Great work @Giuseppe! We are pleased to share your work. Tell us more about eSun filaments, did they satisfied your espectations? :slight_smile:

hi @Valentino12, thank you!

i have been finishing to print all mechanics parts, finding some problems on the tumb front locking because there is a part too thin, so i have printed it with PLA+ more strong with a 0.1mm layer.

eSun filaments in general are very useful for different situations,different colours and mechanics property.Now i’m buying all electronics components to finish the work.

Stay tuned!


Great! Looking forward for the next news! :slight_smile:

Very awesome work @Giuseppe, can’t wait to see FABLE in action in Shenzen!

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Great! Could you to upload a video to share on fb?

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Cool! Congrats @Giuseppe! Any feedback or suggestion from Fable realization? :slight_smile: