[NEW CONCEPT] Fable v0.5 by Renato Marchetti

Here new 3d model concept for the new version of Fable, it’s still a work in progress, any advice can help us.
On this topic only talking about aesthetics and functionality for mechanical and electronic part there will be other topics.

Anatomy of the arm muscles. This was the starting point.

Socket and forearm

Some ideas to link socket and forearm

What do you think about it? Any comments?
Coming soon other news, stay tuned on this topic

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This is nice! I like the design that has two blue stripes and a buckle.

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Really cool! That’s great to see project FABLE going on thanks also to @Renato. The hand will gain a lot of style thanks to his experience and point of view! Go on! :slight_smile:

Wow nice sketch great :+1:t2:

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Awesome design.
When can we make a test of the printability?

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These are two other concepts on how to help the movement of the elbow.


Wow fantastic @Renato, can’t wait to print it. I can help printing with flexy material.

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Great @Renato!! When do you think there will be the first 3D printable models? :slight_smile:

Is it planned to get full model up to the shoulder?

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Hi Giuseppe, this project is designed just for the forearm!

There are the final sketches of Fable!

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A couple of animations about Fable.

count me for simulations and software

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Definitely amazing!! Really curious to see it printed!! :slight_smile: Congratulations @Renato!

Hey @Renato, great job!

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I need the dimensions and the angle ranges for all joints and bones.

I also need the distance between the fingers.

I was wondering if you could make a version that has not TOP it is only joints and some rods representing the bones, then a person could wear the hand, so to say, and move the fingers. Then record the movements i.e. delta angles .

From those delta angle variations we could build the algorithms for the micro controller, prior to fabrication of the hand.

In most industries they simulate and build the micro controllers for the simulated models, years before the actual manufacturing.


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