Not only hardware: what about open source and cancer research?

Hello to all,

Recently I’ve found this interesting article about how non profits can help cancer research:

It is useful to wide the perception of the potential activties of non profits. There is a huge value out there: people, volunteers. Let’s talk about it, what do you think? :slight_smile:

Excellent post! 100% agree with you.

The future belongs to non-profit medical organizations, just like the folks here and in ours.

Please note huge portion of the medical talent is lost due to the structure imposed by the venture captial who matches the investors to the management to the employees, most often not the efficient manner.

Here we are group of overly enthusiastic people with equal talents as those venture folks but lacking the huge funds. Huge funds will not always mean huge results.

Organic Network Organizations such as here are the future.

Something tells me FUTURE is much closer that any of us anticipates

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