OBM Africa's first 3D Printer

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to let you know that I have acquired a Printrbot Smalls A360 Printer. I just finished coupling it but I am about to put it to use and test how it works.


However, I am looking to explore new possibilities with these portable printable and I am open to any suggestion from you guys. I need designs that I can print and donate to prospective prosthetics recipients. I also need filament donations, valuable partnerships, printing tips and advises from you guys.

More importantly, I need someone to recommend a good open source slicer software for me. I heard Cura is a good slicer software. i am open to collaborations

@AlessioBigini @blenzi @Cristian_C @Valentino12

Hi @OLUWAmuyiwa, awesome work! Have you ever used slic3r (http://slic3r.org/)? It’s a little bit harder than Cura but it is open source.
Can you try to 3D print one of our project to set the 3D printer (in this case we can give you more accurate feedbacks since we know them).

Yes @blenzi, I will love to print one of your designs.

Which one do you have in mind?

You can start with TINA :slight_smile: https://github.com/openbiomedical/OBM_TINA


What is the quantity of filament it takes to print TINA?

150gr. approximately :slight_smile:

Alright Bruno!

I will download the file.