[OBMer Filter] #Lodz (Poland)

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Hello to all! Let’s start with the first OBM filter in Poland: #Lodz. Everyone who lives, works or visits Lodz can join this filter, meet the local volunteers and discover local initiatives and events.

In Lodz lives and works Justyna Stasiewicz, one the newest volunteers of the community. She is a jewelry designer (she runs a company and a blog) and PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts of the city. During the last months I met her thanks to Couchsurfing and after lot of talks, she decided to use her experience into 3D modelling and 3D printing to realize a new 3D printed hand. You can see a recent article about this story here:

The result is TINA, a mechanical 3D printed hand thats we first presented in the Lodz FabLab in January and later in April during the Festiwal Nauki, Sztuki i Techniki when the Academy of Fine Arts 3D printed a new hand for us in the colors of the Polish flag:

The project is still in development and soon we will see new important updates. Meanwhile, feel free to join the filter, join its discussions and why not organize meetings in Lodz to suggest new projects and events! :slight_smile:

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Awesome, another OBM’s Filter, very great job! :slight_smile:

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