[OBMer Filter] #Naples (Italy) - Città Della Scienza

Where: Naples
Reference place? Città della Scienza (maps)
Realtime communication through: Whatsapp group (OBMer Filter #Naples)

Hello to all! Let’s start with a first OBM filter: #Napoli. The main location is Città della Scienza and everyone who lives, works or visits Napoli can join this filter, meet the local volunteers and discover local initiatives and events.

Città Della Scienza is an Italian institution focused to spred science and innovation. It has a FabLab and a recently opened medicine and biomedial museum, Corporea, the biggest in Europe. We shared a lot of events here, such as Futuro Remoto and the Italia-China meeting in 2016.

In Napoli, we have a lot fo volunteers helping us organize events, writers of our blog OBM News and social media contributors, Here you find also Bruno Lenzi (@blenzi), the founder of the Open BioMedical Initiative and Innovation Area Director, working strictly in collaboration with the Città Della Scienza.

To join or to stay tuned about the filter activity, just visit and comment this post! :slight_smile:

@Santina_Martino welcome in this filter! :slight_smile:

Last week we have build a version of BOB for the next opening museum on human body CORPOREA.
They was 2 full work days, but the result was fantastic! Thanks to @Cristian_C and @Valentino12 who, for those 2 days, joined the #Napoli filter.
There was a visit by the ex minister Mara Carfagna also.

Here some pics:

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Some photos from Città della Scienza.
We are printing TINA with 2 3d printers: a FDM machine (DeltaWasp) and a SLA machine (Form 2)

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Great! The projects are ready for Corporea! :slight_smile:

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@Carmen_Ferrara @blenzi @Cloud @Marco_Abbro @Santina_Martino @Thinkdifferent @Renato @Nicole_Rinaldi and everyone near to Naples

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@Martina_Pedrazzoli we are waiting for you :slight_smile:


Added some standard informations on our filter, we will open a whatsapp group very soon :slight_smile: