Occupational therapist!

Hi everyone, my name is Tommaso, I’m an occupational therapist, I live in Pavia (Italy) and I would be glad to help you :slight_smile:

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Hi @TOmmasoRoveda in your experiences, are there some tool that will be able to useful for you or for your patients that can we make them thanks to 3d printer?

Hi @Cristian_C Sure, there are many things that can be done. It all depends on the kind of patient you have and on his/her occupational needs.
You can think abut pen holder, modified joystick, grasping tools, even some kind of gloves in thetraplegic patients.

Do you have any real case?

right now this kid, look at this Hey guys, do you want to help this drummer kid?

Do you have any patients?

Ok, I’ve seen the video. Do you have any pics of the residual limb?
No actually I have no patients because I’m leaving for Tanzania

TOmmaso Roveda
Terapista Occupazionale
e-mail: roveda.riabilitazione@gmail.com
mobile: +393925801498

Hi @TOmmasoRoveda, you can find some new pics and video here Hey guys, do you want to help this drummer kid?

Ok I’ve seen the pics and videos. Is this kid Italian (as the title of the
video says)? because I could meet him with the doctor and printers I work
with in Italy.

yes, is it. you should talk to his father @francoceravolo… send him a pvt in Italian or start a new topic into the Italian category

they are from Vibo Valentia (Calabria)