OM3GA 3D Printer

OM3GA 3D Printer is a fully DIY 3D Printer.

It can print any filament at a resolution of 80/100micron

Its structure allows the use of CNC cutters and laser cutting mills simply by changing the head where the extruder resides.

The design of the printer was made with 123D Design contained in the Autodesk suite.

For the X and Y axes there is a pulleys belt system, while for the Z axis there are 3 trapezoidal bars with relative nuts, all running on 12mm diameter, rectangular steel rods and relative ball bearing bearings.

All movements are performed by NEMA 17 stepper motors

Inside the printer there is an Arduino MEGA 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 for general control, ie motors, temperatures, screens, etc. and an ATMEGA328 on a proprietary PCB that enables printer management through the buttons on the front, engine temperature control and related cooling mechanisms, lighting systems, and CNC and Laser cutter control.

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Well done @AlessioBigini, could you post more pics of 3d printed parts with your 3d printer?

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This is a wrist brace:

This is a Flexy Hand: