Open source and Healthcare

Hi guys! Let’s take a look at this article:

What do you think? :slight_smile:


Its right platform to expore healthcare innovations…let’s work together for healthy future.


Love it! always more open! :slight_smile:

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Hi Valentino

Do u have any open source project perticularly on rapid diagnostic kit for Malaria.

I have basic concept and plan for development of digital rapid diagnostic kit for malaria but lack of resources… Please guide.

Hemant bankhede

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Hello @Hemant_16aug! We didn’t work on such a diagnostics tools yet, but I can just suggest you these resources that we found sometimes in the net, just take a look:

Maybe some of these ideas could be also converted in open source devices? I hope, meanwhile I will post here any useful reference when I find them :slight_smile:

Thanks Dr. Valentino

The links are really informative…keep me informed if any other member has similar interest.

Best regards

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