Peru on board again! Hello OBM Family!

Hello, everyone!

I’m Pierre Padilla from Lima (Peru) and my background is in Electrical Engineering. I’m a researcher and Master candidate in Biomedical Informatics for Global Health at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH). I support networks as Peru Coordinator in Open Biomedical Initiative (2015) and SyntechBio.

I’m also the Founder and Director of Biomakers Lab, a Peruvian biohackerspace where we promote and develop biology in a more accessible way for scientists, biohackers, amateurs or anyone which might be interested in this field. Our last project was a Manual called The Essential Biohacker’s Guide. We grouped basic information about how to build a complete Biohacking/DIY-Bio Space. The Manual can be found in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. We published a beautifully designed version and a light version. You can download any of them. We hope to launch a second version with more resources and a handling system for the links, allowing to keep them updates.

I’ve developed some 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics with Peruvian community. However, it has been difficult to get help from 3D Printing companies. That’s why I decided to start a company based on 3D printing & open source hardware in general. The Open Electronic Workshop looks for helping people with their ideas and projects. We hope to help Latin America and anyone who wants to change the world. I’m so happy to see how OBM family has grown up and yes! It’s a family for me.

I want to learn as much as possible and to find connections/collaborators to start some DIY/maker activities.


Pierre P.


Hello @ppadilla!! That’s great to see you again in the community!! More open than ever, please join our discussions and let’s collaborate together for the next initiatives both on 3D printing and biohacking :slight_smile:

Hello, Im Pedro from Portugal

Valentino told me i should check you, i think it might be related to the fact im going to build a 3DBioprinter for human cells to help a college teacher that asked for my help! My background is chemical and biological engineer however i have as hobby robotics electronics CAD and programming. Maybe if you have any other projects you think i could contribute also please say :slight_smile:


Welcome on board again @ppadilla :slight_smile:


Hello, @pedrorego! Nice to meet you. I’m also interested in developing a low-cost bioprinter. We have experience with Prusai3 as a platform. We gonna use a biomaterial called Chitosan. It would be great if we can collaborate. We are open for sharing our knowledge. Please, let me know if it’s possible. :slight_smile:

Absolutely @Valentino12 ! Now I have a company and the community in Peru :smiley:

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hi thanks for the answer! This project born from the will of a teacher from
my college, that ask for my help since in the chemical department nobody
knows anything about electronics, robotics etc, and since i do that as an
hobby including building 3d printers he specifically asked me. And i come
with the idea of building it using a really cheap and open source platform
as the i3.

One of the proposals i did to him was that we do it as an open source
project, which he tough to be a good idea but only after publication
(academic career persons tend to orient their work for that, which is

By me i don’t see any problem on share information i am all about open
source, but i would have to understand better how the teacher foreseeing
the release from the project details, but maybe even a cooperation could be
fortuitous and even a shared scientific paper. What do you think? Maybe we
can talk better by e-mail:, and we could reach a
mid term of small scientific papers followed by gradual releases of the
project :slight_smile:



Sure. It would be interesting. We decided to start this project because a laboratory asked us if we could develop a machine for using Chitosan and produce scaffolds. I gonna suggest a shared scientific paper too. We could publish in The Journal of Open Hardware. My email:

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@ppadilla would you want to create the OBM Filter of Perù? :slight_smile:

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@Valentino12 of course!