Presentation of myself

Hi, I’m Stefania from Rome, Italy. I’m not from the mediacal area, but I work with many Associations and I hope to collaborate with you with a genial support :heart_eyes:

Hi Stefania:
I don’t think there is anybody actively monitoring this forum. I’ve tried direct e-mails to the key people without a response.They have a great project but I can’t find real activity since 2017.
Rich B

Dear Rich,

I’d posted also some questions in the OBM italian’s group, and they replay to me :slight_smile: They sayd that they’re opening a branch in Rome and is amazing becouse it is the city in wich I live! I read your post in the Forum before, and I’m very sorry that I’m not a doctor but I wish to have support in a project with prosthesis that bynow is only a dream…but I’m stubborn.

In anycase they also sand to me a directly contact that I pass to you:

If you want we could remain in contact, for me could be great

Kind regards