Project Idea: Open Committee for intercommunications among open source biomedical devices

Hello everyone.
Today I was thinking about how, in the last few years, a lot of biomedical devices have been made, either as Open Source projects or proprietary products; most of these devices can extract lots of useful information, provided that we know their interfaces, and these informations can be mixed together for a common goal, for example our BOB could be interfaced with a pulse oxymeter or FABLE could be interfaced with another control system we haven’t concerned with.

But what if there was a common standard among all these newly-designed devices, which could enable intercommunication among them with a single protocol, so that one doesn’t have to study the API for each device (assuming the device has an API) ?

I thought that creating an Open Committee would help towards this goal, because

  • It helps reducing the fragmentations within the Open Source community, giving a small but noteworthy common ground.
    -It leverages on the “Global Connection” philosophical point of OBM, many companies from around the world working together from afar towards, again, a common goal.
  • It allows the integration of external devices easier and allows the integration of our devices in external projects (mutual help).
  • It allows an easier interconnection among our own devices.

We might start the committee first as an open organization and then switch to an official form, with the goal of developing a common interface, be it hardware, software or both, that will be used by all the companies within the committee.

I’m not saying that’s easy, I’m well aware of the bureaucratic and financial problems that will eventually rise, but it’s just a thought, which can be either right or wrong, that I wanted to share it with you.


It’s a very very interesting idea @Gianfranco_Damato, so are you talking about a software project? It could be easier to do than others our 3D printed projects. Do you know anyone interested in it?