Steven Wolfram's Book: Base for training

For SOMHO and the rest who might decide to work with us and provide trainees :

Elementary Introduction to Wolfram Language

It is for free and online and we used this for number of years to train US and foreign students. It has worked quite well and students within a year build their own module for quite sophisticated applications.

I do not require any programming experience, but the student needs to be comfortable with regular PCs and their operations.

The training program is 15 months.

First phase is 3 months to screen the candidates. Normally 50% drop out. It requires special attitude and huge patience.

Second Phase is 6 months when the student learns to actually build educational modules, suitable for the kinds of applications and education required for 3D printing in general:

At the beginning there is no need for 3D printers:

Students could preview on their computers.

For educating the trainees in anatomy:

There is a full body 3D modules available, which the students could print part by part and study as well.

After 9 months we review the candidates and make sure they can complete the training.

I like to again emphasize that the training is quite involved and detailed and difficult. It is not for just anyone, these are not Java or PHP little snippets of code, Wolfram programming requires serious commitment.

Our organization specially encourages and promotes female trainees and programmers.

Skype or other online retailed price online conferencing is used for screen-sharing. Currently there are 4 trainers are available.

In the beginning the students are trained on daily basis to up to 3 months for screening. So it is hard work.


There are other software systems for 3D printing, by all means people should explore them, but we are primarily doing Mathematica based systems.

System requirements:

However 8GIG of physical memory required for this kind of 3D application.

All the code provided by our organization is under Creative Commons license:

hello all we appreciate your support @dara @OLUWAmuyiwa @Lucval This is a golden opportunity, we are ready to learn the knowledge of modern

Great Lucia perhaps you could have a phone or Skype conversation with SOMHO.

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If such communication occurs, I ask Lucia to make a report for the community here for the transparency sake.

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@Lucval @dara

I totally agree with the setting up a Skype meeting between @Lucval and @SOMHO.

This will help to know the situation of things in Hargeisa and how we need to proceed.

Please, let us know your schedule as soon as possible.

Olumuyiwa Omole
for: The DEEP Project Initiative
Phone: +234 810 631 0835
Whatsapp: +234 708 686 5816

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Hello - yes, let me know what timing works and we can begin to frame out our details. I have a lot of questions to explore with the key people. Who is the key organizer of this initiate? I am available in the morning if that works. I think that we have a two hour time difference?

Initially, the initiative was birthed by SOMHO, OBM and The DEEP Project.

I can share the project information with you if I have your email. But I think the procedure since you have shown a keen interest in bring a major part of the project.

Let @SOMHO reply with the timing that works for her too.

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Hello Lucval
I am very happy to discuss to any information you would like to know about my work or the
Organization as we are different time I will be available all day on Monday to Friday
sahra mohamed
For: Somaliland HelpAge organization (SOMHO)
Phone +252-63424-3031
Skype: sahra Mohamed

Hello Sahra, thank you for your email. I will speak with you on Monday June 19. Can you let me know where you are located? In Somalia? I believe that it is a two hour time difference. If that i stye case, I will speak with you at 11:00 a.m. your time. Can you confirm your location? Thank you

Hello - I am happy to speak with you also I am trying to understand your work and how we may possibly work together. Let me know if you are available to speak with me next week. We can speak on Skype or by phone. I will set up a time to speak with you - let me know your availability and contact details. Lucia.

Hello @Lucval - Yes! I will be happy to work with you in anyway we can.

The DEEP Project is basically into using conventional and unconventional means to pass across Education, Health and Technology to unreached and underserved people and community.

But we are into Education at the present moment.

I will be available to speak either on Skype or by phone. Let us agree to Wednesday at 11:00am if you are comfortable with it.

Olumuyiwa Omole
for: The DEEP Project Initiative
Phone: +234 810 631 0835
Whatsapp: +234 708 686 5816
Skype: starkekind

Hello - thanks so much. That is very helpful. We are fully aligned with regard to our mission.

Wednesday next works for me - 11:00 a.m.

I see that Nigeria and Ireland are on the same time zone.

Regards, Lucia

Hello, I’m available anytime on Monday. I live in Hargeisa, Somaliland northern Somalia.
I have got a new Skype account, so ignore the above Skype account which I sent yesterday.
this is the new Skype account:
For: Somaliland HelpAge organization (SOMHO)
Phone +252-63424-3031
Skype: Sahra Abdirahman

Please read the posts I made earlier , they are very detailed on how the process is for our training and what are the requirements.

Also Lucia is setting up several calls with you and @OLUWAmuyiwa , you need to pay attention to how she is going to organize this project.

It is management and tech top-heavy and requires attention to details and detailed planning.

Also we need the input of others in the forum here to debug our processes.

thank you @dara i fully understand and it,s great opportunity so we are ready to do this

That’s great @Lucval!

I look forward to the meeting . . .

I hope @SOMHO meet with you sooner. We have to know what is at stake before starting anything.

We cannot just start without proper preparation.


Totally agree.

Regards, Lucia