Technologies behind 3D scanner

Hi everyone!
Recently I entered in the 3D printer world and I’m interested in the technologies behind the 3D scanning.
Can you give me some links in which these technologies are shown?

According to your experience, which is the best technology to use in order to obtain a resolution (mm)?

Is it possible to draw on the 3D acquired image?

Which is the best process to obtain a perfect 3D printed hand prosthesis, considering using the 3D scanner?
Is it needed a particular 3D scanner? Or can I use a “normal” one?


Hi @Eliana_Streppa_To_th, we can talk about 3d scanner for hours, but i think you will find the same answers on google.
for my experience i think that laser technology is one of the best solutions for 3d scanning.
all depends what you want to do and what you want to spend.
after a 3d scanning you generally obtain a mesh model, and yes, you can edit it.
You can use a generic one to scan a hand or arm

Why don’t you start a specific topic about 3d scanning with articles and papers? could be useful to all OBM community and people could help you to grow up the topic.