The DEEP Project

Hello OBMer!

I think I have a project that would help spread the knowledge and innovation of 3D-Printing across the globe especially in underserved and unreached places of the world.

I have already shared a brochure with Cristian, Valentino and Leonardo Falanga. And I hope I could share with the rest of the OBM family too.

The initiative is called The DEEP Project and I hope you share the same interest with me. :slight_smile:

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Very awesome initiative @OLUWAmuyiwa! Did you have any updates with @Thinkdifferent?

Yes, I did but he is busy at the moment. @Thinkdifferent is also planning to meet with @Valentino12 on Tuesday as regards the initiative.

I am sure with the inclusion of 3D Printing Technology into the Educational system, things will change radically for good.

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Hello OBMer!

I have introduced OBM to an organization in Somalia in the bid to spread OBM to Africa.

I made contact with an organization in Somalia and they are in need for prosthetic designs for their beneficiaries.The name of the organization is Somaliland HelpAge Organization (SOMHO).

I have instructed the Executive Director to contact you through the Open Biomedical Initiative’s official email address.

We have already replied to them @OLUWAmuyiwa, the best thing is that you could coordinate all the work like the OBM referent for Africa. I insert your message (with the DEEP website link) here :slight_smile:

Hello OBMers!

I am glad to let you know that the website of The DEEP Project is finally up! Though we still have much to do on it, the basic information about the initiative is available.

I urge everyone interested to be a part by first registering on the website.

The idea is that The DEEP Project can serve as the umbrella or partner and we can work in the area of 3D Printing Education and Application geared towards Education and Health Technology.


Warm Regards

Great news @OLUWAmuyiwa!! Please share with us more infos and photos about the initiative :slight_smile:

Alright @blenzi, please always copy in the mail you sent to the organization or forward the reply to him so that I can know how to mediate between OBM and the organizations.

Yes @Valentino12! I will update with photos and infos as things go on . . .